How To Install

How to install Facebook Home on your iPhone or iPad.

You need to download the application before you begin with these steps.

Facebook Home iPhone

How to install Facebook Home iPhone after download

After you downloaded it, you can install Facebook Home on your iOS device by connecting it to your PC or Mac and installing the app via iTunes.

Depending on how much photo’s, music and other files you have on your iPhone or iPad, the installation can take a while.The program will automatically make a backup of your iPhone or iPad.

After installation, your iOS device will restart automaticallly. Now Facebook Home is installed on your iPhone.

You will be asked to log in, or – if you already had your Facebook details stored on your device- Facebook home will start automatically.

How to uninstall Facebook Home iPhone

If you ever want to uninstall Facebook home from your iPhone or iPad, simply connect it to your PC or Mac again and uninstal the app via iTunes. Now it will automatically restore your iOS settings and it will put the backup file, that was made at the installation on your device.

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